SG 135 Network Protection - 36 MOS - RENEWAL

Producător: Sophos
Cod produs: SHNP1D3CTAA
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 4.819,50 RON
Fără TVA: 4.050,00 RON

No compromise network performance and security Sophos Network Protection combines technologies to provide multi-layered Advanced Threat Protection. With command-and-control detection, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and VPN gateway, it protects your network by blocking harmful incoming and outgoing traffic and enables secure access for authorized users. The Sophos UTM makes it easy to control security risks whilst ensuring optimal performance tailored to your chosen deployment model. 

Highlights: Advanced Threat Protection prevents targeted attacks and APTs, Integrated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Site to site VPN and remote access with secure SSL or IPsec, Self-Service User Portal reduces your workload enabling users to help themselves, Built-in reporting on all models, Hardware, virtualized, software or cloud-based appliance.

Proven protection against exploits and intruders Our Advanced Threat Protection provides a single pane of glass to identify and block even the most targeted attacks on your network. By combining command and control and Botnet detection, IPS patterns and Deep Packet Inspection, we identify and block application- and protocol-related probes and attacks. SophosLabs’ extensive signature database of patterns and rules updates every few minutes. If you also enable Web Protection, you can add cloudbased sandboxing to analyze unknown files for malicious content and constantly improve protection. Maximize your network performance Our software and hardware is engineered to give you the throughput speeds you need. Costefficiently balance your Internet traffic among different WAN uplinks while using 3G/UMTS USB sticks for more connection options. Custom Quality-of-Service (QoS) options guarantee bandwidth availability for important outgoing network traffic. Connect remote offices with configurationless VPN It’s easy to setup multiple site-to-site VPN tunnels with the same rules for load balancing and failover. And our configurationless Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices (RED) lets you fully share computers in both networks or limit the traffic that can travel over the tunnels. Set up requires no technical skill at the remote sites and supports host names for tunnels with a built-in Dynamic DNS client. Secure access for remote workers Our UTM user portal provides a broad set of industry-standard VPN technologies, including IPSec, SSL, Cisco VPN, iOS and native Windows VPN clients. Our unique HTML5 VPN Portal doesn’t require ActiveX, Java or a client to install. And, it works on all platforms, from Windows and Macs to iOS and Android. Automatic login stores resource credentials on the device.

Techncial details Fight intruders, Blocks outgoing traffic to commandand-control and Botnet hosts, Deep packet inspection with over 18,000 definitions, Country blocking provides protection from foreign hackers and attacks, Protection agains network flooding (DoS, DDoS, port scan) Connect your offices, Support for SSL, IPsec, Sophos unique RED add-ons enable simple inter-office connectivity, 256-bit AES/3DES, PFS, RSA, x.509 certificates, pre-shared keys Support remote workers, SSL, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, Cisco VPN (iOS support) and OpenVPN (iOS and Android), HTML5 clientless VPN supports RDP, HTTP, SSH, Telnet and VNC Safely authenticate users, Sophos Authentication Agent for users, Support Active Directory, eDirectory, RADIUS, LDAP, tacacs+, Two factor authentication using one-time password (OTP) e.g. for User Portal, IPSec, SSL VPN - with no infrastructure required Easily manage daily tasks, Self-service user portal, Configuration change tracking, On-box logging and identity-based reporting, Executive report scheduling and archiving Always Connected, Static, OSPF, BGP, multicast (PIM-SM), WAN link balancing across any mix of 3G/UMTS/Ethernet ports, Zero configuration active/passive high availability, Active/active clustering for up to 10 appliances, 802.3ad interface link aggregation (LAG) Ì Server load balancing, Sophos Support remote assistance secure access with one-click